As we know, Gravity Defyer shoes are famous because of their shock absorbing trampoline system built into their shoes. This system absorbs harmful impact force and returns the energy back to your legs which propel you forward to make your walk, run or other activities a lot easier.

Gravity Defyer shoes are unlike any footwear you have ever worn. Their shoes have been scientifically engineered to provide lateral stability, reinforce the heel and maintain the shoes movement in a linear direction. The result of such special design not only helps people to be more active, do more, but also reduce even cure feet pain, lower back pain and other joint pain.

Today, Gravity Defyer has the world’s first stylish comfort and pain-free shoe collection including dress, casual and athletic shoes for men and women. With the most amazing technology housed in the most attractive footwear, Gravity Defyer is bringing ultimate comfort to everyone’s daily life and becoming one of the most famous footwear nationwide. Plus, this company offers different coupons and sales all year long. Here are currently active coupons many online customers are using.

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Some of my friends may already know that I have bought Gravity Defyer Shoes from my another post: Are Gravity Defyer Shoes Any Good? because I have lower back pain. So, I did buy two pairs, one is Gravity Defyer Patrik, and another pair is Gravity Defyer FLEXNET. And the funny thing is, I just found out Howie Mandel bought a pair too. He even showed it off on Lopez Tonight show.

I think what he got is a pair of Gravity Defyer Patrik.
Before I decided to order, I actually did do some research on Gravity Defyer Review and several concerts have been brought to my attention through my Gravity Defyer Review research. Reviews on internet about Gravity Defyer are quite mix. Some people say they are good, but some say not. So I will go through some pros and cons, plus my own experience so far with them to hopefully give you a complete review about Gravity Defyer Shoes.

First, let’s take a quick look at this shoe company. Many of you probably have already seen them on TV, popular magazines such as Popular science, Weight Watchers, Sky Mall. If this is your first time to hear this brand, then the following video may give you a better idea.

The reason they are quite famous is because of their Versoshock Technology which they claim to be able to reduce the shock between your bone joints when you walk and somehow return your energy back to your legs so you can walk easier and faster. That sounds like rocket science, but the way I understand is they are just some type of special springs in their shoes Heels. Wearing their shoes can reduce or relieve many types of joint pain and back pain. This is the main reason I bought two pairs because I have had lower back pain for many years now. The side of those athletic shoes is very thick. So when you order online, make sure it is at least half size bigger than you need. Otherwise probably it won’t fit very well.

Gravity Defyer Shoes, 30 days FREE trial, check out the detail now

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Get $10 off on your entire order at Gravity Defyer! Use coupon code: CJGD10OFF

I ordered a pair of Gravity Defyer Patrik and a pair of Gravity Defyer FLEXNET. Overall, I am quite satisfied with their shoes. I am amazed by the fact that it does relieve a great amount of pain off my lower back. Now let’s go with the normal pros Vs. cons style to get more details about this Gravity Defyer Review.


#1. Does Reduce Pain

Pain relief is main reason I made my purchase and I am quite impressed by their special springs. I have been wearing them quite often and since then, I have a great relief on my back pain. The main feeling I have is while wearing those shoes, I fee like I have more energy when I walk and walk faster than usual.
I am a very picky person. I have tried many different medications for my lower back pain, even thought about surgery, but never thought wearing a pair shoes could cure the problem. Well, not “cure” yet, but I am truly amazed indeed.
During my research for Gravity Defyer Reviews, many people have positive results like me, but also many people have no pain relief, or even worse, these shoes make their feet painful. I am not sure why, only two reasons I can think of right now: A) they got wrong size. If you got wrong size, return them immediately. B) It simply does not work for them. Probably it is similar as a type of medication which works for some people but not others. In either case, I would recommend you to return them immediately to take the advantage of 30 days money back policy.

#2. Fairly Good Quality: looking good, well made and comfortable.

I can not say Gravity Defyer shoes quality is very good, but fairly good. It looks very good though, specially their Patrik and FLEXNET series. They are well made and fit quite comfortable. I did take some people’s advice to order half size bigger than I need for FLEXNET. That works perfectly. For Patrik, I don’t think it is necessary.
I have read some consumers complaining that Gravity Defyer shoes are having poor quality and not comfortable at all. I don’t really know why, but my Patrik and FLEXNET appears having very good quality. Maybe what they have are different series.

#3. Fast Shipping and Handling

Their shipping and handling are pretty fast. Normally it only takes 2 – 3 days. If there is a weekend, it might take a little bit longer, but should no longer than 5 days.

#4. Various Styles

As you have seen on their websites, Gravity Defyer offers many shoe series from most popular athletic FLEXNET to casual Patrik serie, from dress shoes Victorian to Sandal serial such as Malibu. They all have Versochock Trampoline spring built in and provide a pain relief footwear solution for both men and women at all ages.


Now let’s take a look at the things that many people do not like during my Gravity Defyer Review research.

#1. Customer Service Not Good.

Customer service probably is the biggest issue with this shoe company because during my Gravity Defyer Review Research, I found a fair amount of people complaining their customer service slow and not helpful. I think one major reason is probably because they moved most of their customer service department to India. Be honest, I just hate those companies shipping their customer service to India. Not that I don’t like service in India, it is just because I had many bad experience with India CS such as CS from Citi Bank. Many people hate it probably because of the same reason. I do hope Gravity Defyer can provide us a better customer service experience.
There are several very specific issues I see people having:

#1.1 Picky on their 30 money back guarantee

Some people found Gravity Defyer is very picky on their returns and sometimes refuse to refund even it is in 30 days period. The main reason is “the shoes are no longer in re-saleable condition”. That means they found the shoes haven been worn.
I would say it is really hard for us to argue in this situation. The only advice I can give is to return them as soon as you can if you don’t like them or the size is wrong. Don’t make them have very clear worn sign before you decide to return. Also make sure to return them with UPS which you can get a tracking number so you can prove it is returned in 30 days.

#1.2 Slow Response

Slow response is another issue I’ve seen some people having with this shoe company. Some people say they sent an email inquiry to Gravity Defyer customer service and can not get any response back in 1 – 2 days even they claimed they are 24/7. That probably is still caused by that fact that their real customer service being in India.
However, if you do need to contact their customer service, there are two suggestions I can give you:
1. Try to call them instead of email or online inquiry. Call their CS line: 800-478-4703.
2. If the CS is not helpful, you can try to call their US corporate line in California: (818) 501-5277. Normally, their corporate line provides more help than CS..

#1.3 Slow Refund

Based on consumers’ feedback from my Gravity Defyer Review, normally it takes 1 – 2 months for Gravity Defyer to give your refund. It is a lot slower than Amazon. I am not sure if there is any way we can speed it up. I guess it is might because of a long time they need to spend to verify your return and slow move in their billing system. For me, as long as I know my refund is coming, I am not really picky whether it is one or two months.

#2. Not Tough Enough

Toughness is often required for athletic shoes like FLEXNET. However, according to consumers’ feedback, most of Gravity Defyer shoes do not look like strong and tough enough. Some people start to have problem with their shoes after 6 – 12 months.
I think on one side, Gravity Defyer should really improve their shoe material to make them stronger and tougher. They are not cheap shoes. With higher price, we as consumers expect them to last longer. On the other side, we probably should not wear those shoes like crap either. Especially for people are overweight. Intensive activities could damage the springs in the heel and those springs are probably the most expensive component in their shoes.

#3. Not liking the “sperm” logo

That is a very interesting topic in Gravity Defyer Review. Be honest, I agree with you all: their logo appears to be a sperm. I looked all over their website and I don’t find any official statement about their logo. So not much I can say but wonder what in the world make they think we like such logo on our shoes, especially for women.

So overall, based on the two pairs that I currently have, Gravity Defyer shoes are pretty decent shoes, especially their pain relief feature. But still pay attention those cons I’ve found in this Gravity Defyer Review. If you decide to give them a try, make sure to take advantage of those several coupons below:

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Gravity Defyer Shoes, 30 days FREE trial, check out the detail now

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