What Is Osteoporosis? Is feet pain, neck pain, knee pain all Osteoporosis Symptoms? Are women are higher risk group?

Osteoporosis(also known as osteopenia) is a disease of bones. The more commonly related term is bone density. Osteoporosis means bone density decreases and bone becomes more fragile and porous. You might be wondering, why it matters? Is bone density decreasing normal or not that normal?

Osteoporosis is a very serious issue and everyone might have it!

When bone density decreases and bone becomes more fragile and porous, people will suffer more pains such as feet pain, neck pain, knee pain, and all sort of joint pain. But that is not the real killer. The real killer is people with Osteoporosis will more likely have broken bones, especially for women and old people. Research shows people age 60+ who has Osteoporosis will have 25% of death rate if they have broken bone (like a fall). 25% is a very high number.

Another Statistics for osteoporosis shows EVERY 8 minutes, a person with osteoporotic fracture is admitted to hospital.

So if you have any type of joint pain, ask your Dr about Osteoporosis and never ignore it.

We Are All Going To Suffer Bone Loss?

That is true. Osteoporosis is a type of issue for both men and women. But women are more susceptible to it than men, particularly to pregnant women and post menopausal women. Because the change of estrogen levels in their body affecting calcium absorption and excretion rates.

However, bone loss poses a serious issue to all people. The following is a chart of our body bone mass growth curve. Before age 35, bone mass growth is faster than bone mass loss. If you are 35 or older, you need to pay extra attention on your bones, especially women. If you know you have Osteoporosis issue or any type of bone/joint pain, do not panic either. It is never late to take action, no matter how old you are.

Read this article if you want to check Osteoporosis symptoms. If you want to be sure whether you have it, read this article about bone density scan (test) which can be done easily in your local Dr. office. Here is an example about exactly how the bone density scan work.

Calcium Foods Or Calcium Supplements?

We all know our bone needs Calcium and that is why we are told to drink more milk. But in case you ask question like Calcium Foods Vs Calcium Supplements, the answer is both. Calcium rich foods is a must because it is in the best form of Calcium for our body to absorb. Good food sources of calcium include dairy products, salmon, sardines, tahini, almonds, beans, green vegetables such as collards, kale, amaranth and spinach.

However with our food becomes more and more poor on real nutrition, it is also recommended to take Calcium Supplements, especially for women, and especial especially for vegetarian, because vegetation has a very limited calcium rich food selections. The following is a recommend calcium supplements on Amazon. You can check out yourself.

If you love reading, we also recommend reading this book from Dr. Lani Simpson.
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Do Not Forget to Exercise!!!

Last, do not forget to exercise. Routinely exercise will build stronger muscle and also build stronger bones. It plays a very important role in fighting your body’s bone loss. In order to avoid writing a very long post, we have a separate article for Easy Osteoporosis Reversal Exercise at Home.

Remember, eat well and keep moving, you should have no bone loss issue. Welcome to comment and join our discussion. 🙂

(understanding-osteoporosis Infographic image is credited to  https://www.nationaljewish.org)

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