Bone Loss? Best 5 Easy Ways to Eat Dandelions for Cure Now

If you have bone loss or osteoporosis, most likely your doctor will tell you to take Calcium, like Calcium supplement, or drink milk. Because we all know Calcium is very important for our bones. But here, we are not going to discuss Calcium, instead, let me introduce you a natural plant that build your bone way faster, better, safer and cheaper than any Calcium, which is Dandelions.

Well, you might ask, Dandelions? Isn’t it weed? You are right. It is weeds. However, if you read their nutrition benefit, you will be amazed how good it actually is. There are so many things around us created by God with incredible value and so easy to obtain. It is just we don’t know it. Dandelion is one of them. To learn more about its nutrition benefit, read my other post: Natural Wild Weed Build Bones Better Than Calcium.

Since that post, we received a lot of comments asking how to add dandelion into our daily diet. So here we go, my favorite 5 easy ways to eat dandelions.

I want to make sure it is so easy so everyone can do it and you don’t need to have a garden or even a back yard at all.

1. Dandelions Root Tea

Dandelion Tea for Bone Loss or osteoporosis

Dandelions Root tea is my favorite. It is easy and fresh. It is better than coffee. You can use fresh ones, dried one and dandelion tea bag which are easy to get from most of grocery stores around. Having a nice cup of dandelion tea every morning is the best medicine for bone loss or osteoporosis.

2. Dandelion Extract – Best Bone Loss Medicine

Dandelion Root for Bone Loss or osteoporosis

Extract is another easy to have dandelion. You can put a drop into your tea, your drink, your soup. Some people even say they can just have a drop every morning right on their tongue and it tastes actually pretty good. Way better than any expensive bone loss or osteoporosis medicine.

Here is a good one from Amazon.
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3. Dandelion Pesto

Dandelion Pesto for Bone Loss or osteoporosis

If you use herbs often like me, pesto is another easy to add dandelion into your diet. Don’t make it too complicated, some dandelion leaves, parsley, nuts, and olive oil. Oh, don’t forget to add garlic or black pepper. With a slice of toasted bread, you will have a wonderful breakfast.

4. Dandelion Smoothie To Fight Bone Loss

Dandelion Smoothie to Fight Bone Loss or osteoporosis

Smoothie is very popular these days. You can add pretty much anything you like into smoothie. Dandelions flowers, leaves, root or drops, all works.

5. Dandelion Supplements for Bone Loss

Dandelion Supplement for Bone Loss or osteoporosis

In case you really have no time to make smoothie, or pesto, or to brew a nice steaming dandelion tea, you can get dandelion supplement. It is easy and fast. Just make sure to pick organic source.

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