MTHFR mutation cause high blood pressure & inflammation? How I found out and how I fixed it.

Long story short, I always have teeth problem, such as sensitive teeth, gum recession or even cavity (minor). And I also have high blood pressure. You all know, if you have all those, your heart is not good either. No matter how hard I tried to keep my mouth in good hygiene and how well or careful my diet is. Feel like it is no winning war.

Until one time when I visited a holistic dentist, she recommenced me to do a genetic test and saying some of those issues might be caused by gene. I was suspicious but went ahead did it. And whala, the result shows I have MTHFR mutation.

What is MTHFR mutation?

So, what is MTHFR mutation and why it is linked to high blood pressure, mouth/body inflammation or even heart issue? Instead of trying to explain all these, let me show you a video from Dr. Eric Berg who explains it so well.

How do I know if I have this MTHFR mutation issue?

MTHFR gene mutation issue actually is a lot common than you had thought. My Dr. told me 1 in every 2 has this mutation issue. So to find out whether you have it, ask your Dr to have this tested in your regular physical.  Or you can get a simple test kit like 23AndMe DNA test kit from Amazon. It just collects a little bit of your saliva and then you mail it back to their lab. Result normally come back in two weeks.
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