Calcium Rich Food Or Calcium Supplement, and how do I choose?

We all know Calcium is very important to our bones and that is why we have been told to drink more milk since kids age. However if you come to this page and have concerns about your bone health, you are at the right place. We need to have sufficient calcium to keep our bone strong. Here we will show you the top 20 calcium rich food you can have.

Calcium Foods Or Calcium Supplements, and how do I choose?

We recommend both. Why? If we can eat grass like cows all day long, then we should be fine by just taking food. We all know cows and horse have very strong bones. But our lives are very busy, have to work, have to pick up kids, have to catch up meetings and meet dead lines. Not to mention our food nutrition is NOT get richer and richer, instead, it is getting less and less nutrition, especially on minerals. So with our busy life, we recommend to take both.

What are Calcium rich food?

Calcium rich food is critical to our bone health, especially to osteoporosis patients, mid-age women and old people, because their bone loss is much faster than bone generating. Without enough calcium, our body can not generate enough bones to counter bone loss.

Also, the calcium in our food is in the perfect form and it is bio-available to our body right away. Those foods include: dairy products, salmon, sardines, tahini, almonds, adzuki beans, green vegetables such as collards, kale, amaranth and spinach. So remember, make sure to take leafy green every day.

What are good Calcium supplements?

You can get Calcium supplements easily from many stores, like Walmart, CVS, Walgreen. There are many different brands. Remember though, make sure to get the high quality ones. Here are two brands that have great reviews.

Dietary Recommendations For Calcium

You might want to take a low dose supplement as well because most people don’t get enough calcium. The recommended requirements are:

Men 1000mg a day for 19-70 year olds with an increase to 1300mg day for 70+ years.
Women 1000mg a day 19-50 year olds with an increase to 1300mg day for 50+ years.

Studies suggest that smaller calcium doses of 500-600mg are more effective than taken as one larger dose.

As long as you taking Calcium rich food every day and take some Calcium supplements, you should have no osteoporosis issue and have strong bones.

Eat well and stay strong.

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Calcium Foods Or Calcium Supplements, and how do I choose?

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